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Business areas

Lease of residential and commercial properties

Through our real estate portfolio, we are able to create solutions adapted to each moment of the market in order to serve our customers in the best conditions. We provide an end-to-end property management service, where the entire process is carried out by us, from bank connections, property maintenance, to communication and collaboration with condominiums. Through our innovative business model and our experience, we acquire the necessary local knowledge in order to maintain the well-being and quality of life for all our customers.

“Buy and lease back” operations

We acquire the property and lease it back to the seller, whether residential or commercial. In this way we allow our customers to have a financial fit without compromising their life standards and way of living. These sort of operations are focused on helping our clients to fulfill their financial responsibilities and free themselves from them, in order to maintain their quality of life, or financial health of their businesses.

Acquisition of leased properties

We buy properties with lease agreements on it. If you have a leased property and the yield doesn’t satisfy you, or the contract is a long-term one, or with small rents, we have the solution for you. We buy your property, freeing you up front the cash flow you need, and we keep the lease to your tenant under the exact same conditions.

We take over real estate financial leasing contracts

We take ongoing real estate financial leasing contracts. If the lease payment with your bank is too much for you or your company, we take over your contract and make you a new tenancy with a comfortable value for you, allowing you to free up financial flows for your life or your business.

Usufruct of properties

We acquire properties, with the possibility of the seller remaining as a usufructuary. Keep your home and all rights over it. Continue to live in the same place without having to change your routine, without anyone knowing, and without moving away from your friends and neighbors, achieving at the same time the financial freedom you always wanted. We are committed to absolute confidentiality in all transactions.

Afforestation and agricultural properties

Business sustainability is one of Lisburn’s main cornerstones. We use what nature bestows upon us and act in the forestry investment of native species with high added value, with sustainable standards, certified plantations in a production with organized management plans and quality certification. This way, we are able to ensure the sustainability of our business for future generations.

Lease of agricultural properties

We have a portfolio of agricultural properties in various locations across the country, available for lease.